Todd, Laura & Erika

We sought out Dr. Thomas as our 2 year old daughter, Erika, suffered from chronic ear infections. After many rounds of antibiotics, our pediatrician said putting tubes in her ears was the next step if she had another infection.We heard that chiropractic care may help, so we found Dr. Thomas.

Erika is now 13 years old without tubes in her ears and without chronic ear infections!

My husband and I began care with Dr. Thomas for general wellness, too.Though we didn’t see him for any specific conditions, neither of us takes any allergy medecine anymore. We were both loyal Claritin users! That helped us with our seasonal allergies in spring and summer, but we don’t suffer from allergy symptoms anymore. The single change in our life was Dr. Thomas’ chiropractic care.

In addition, we sleep better, feel more energized, and don’t seem to get sick as often as we used to. Dr. Thomas is our “go-to” guy when we feel something is coming on. Even when we do catch a cold, or the flu, the symptoms seem milder with his care.

Before bringing Erika to Dr. Thomas, we thought chiropractic was simply for back injuries and back care. We are thrilled to have Dr. Thomas and his team as our primary resource for wellness for our entire family.


The reason I originally came to see Dr. Thomas was because I’ve suffered from chronic pain centered in my neck, back, and hips. I was seeking refreshing new ideas and a plan of treatment geared more toward my own individual needs and problems. Before my treatments with Dr. Thomas, I dealt with ongoing pain, which didn’t seem to be associated with any one specific activity I was doing.

In years past, I tried the prescription medicine route, which only fogged over my problems and left me with stressful side effects! I then tried physical therapy, which offered me some relief. Then I tried other chiropractic care, but the efforts of treatment were not successful or satisfactory in correcting my own individual problems.

I first heard about Life Chiropractic Center through their website, which I felt revealed a more compassionate, interested focus on care. I saw in it a more thorough approach, about the causes and extent of individual problems. It also showed me a more genuine concern and gentleness in care, with his expression to care for ALL individuals (including mothers-to-be, infants and children, and even the elderly). I saw through this a deeper concern for the overall health and well being of human life.

Through tests and an examination, I learned I had numerous vertebral subluxations and inflammations along my entire spinal column. Dr. Thomas recommended a very detailed care plan for appropriate spinal adjustments, including a schedule for treatment, use of a traction bed, and/or massage therapy, a more specific nutritional regimen, exercise, and possibly orthotics.

I began to feel relief of various areas of pain after just a couple of treatments! I feel that he treats me in a gentle and caring way. I think the traction bed appears to add more flexibility, comfort, and ease of and for movements to the entire spinal column. Additionally, the nutritional suggestions and products appeared to be helping within a week’s time, and continue to do so! I exercise regularly, but with more ease and comfort since in his care.

I’ve seen several changes in my daily life since getting chiropractic care from Life Chiropractic Center. I feel much less ongoing pain, and I feel more rested with more consistency of a good night’s sleep. I also notice more energy and better ability to focus, as I feel a lot more healed and nourished. I’m experiencing a much happier quality of life already, after just a month of consistent visits!

I would like to encourage others who may have similar concerns. Those can be addressed through proper, individualized, knowledgeable, and compassionate care. It’s important to value yourself and your life enough to take the time to concentrate on finding ways to seek out appropriate and successful care. Find a qualified physician who treats you with respect and honest concern, and is willing to take the time to listen, and to investigate and consistently follow-up on a care plan that gives you the results you deserve. Don’t cover up pain with prescription medication, as the problems can get much worse.


The reason I originally needed help from Dr. Thomas was because I fell in May of 2007 and had severe pain in my lower back and left hip. I first heard about Dr. Thomas through friends of mine who are patients of his.

Before I saw Dr. Thomas, I had trouble sleeping and I was unable to do the normal stretch exercises I’d done in the past. I also avoided activities that required sitting for any length of time as it was too painful

Before trying chiropractic, I tried taking anti-inflammatory pills as well as heating and icing my injury. I also went through physial therapy.

An extensive examination was done by Dr. Thomas, which included a consultation, x-rays, and a diagnostic scan of my spine. The results showed an imbalance in my spine and mild to severe asymmetry. Some nutritional adjustments were also necessary.

Dr. Thomas recommended that I begin my treatment with three chiropractic adjustments per week and massage therapy. He also suggested that I delete any artificial sweetener intake and drink half of my body weight in ounces of water every day. His recommendations included a couple of supplements–Nanogreens and Cal-Mag Citrate.

After a week, I noticed more energy and after two weeks, the bloating was gone and my pain had considerably decreased.

Now, after getting chiropractic care, I feel like a new person and I plan to continue my care program! I get up in the morning after a great nights’ sleep with more energy than I’ve had in years!

I would advise anyone to give this approach a try. I’d never been to a chiropractor before and only went after close friends recommended Dr. Thomas to me. He will look at your situation completely, and will give you specific recommendations that improve your total health. If you follow your program, results will follow.